My stop motion assignment

This is my stop motion assignment:

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The STAM-Museum

STAM is a heritage forum, a springboard to Ghent’s other cultural attractions and a platform for an active heritage policy.

From October 9th 2010, STAM will present the story of the city of Ghent on the Bijloke site. A permanent circuit will lead visitors along a chronological trail of objects and multimedia which trace the development and growth of Ghent. Temporary exhibitions will explore the concept of ‘urbanity’ from different angles. STAM’s real showpiece, its raison d’être, is the city itself. So a visit to the city museum is not complete without a visit to Ghent.

In its permanent exhibition STAM will trace Ghent’s evolution through to the present day and, wherever possible, even provide a glimpse of the future. This will be done by drawing on the ‘Ghent collection’. The museum’s own STAMcollection which will be shown to its best advantage. At the same time, the museum will also borrow from other institutions in what is known as ‘collection mobility’.

However, no display-case or gallery can contain the jewel in STAM’s crown, because that is the city itself. Everything STAM contains will refer visitors on to the city.

*What use of multimedia did you see in this museum? What appilacations did you find most interesting?

I saw several use of multimedia in this museum.

The floor on the first room I visited was like a screen in which was projected the city of Ghent. I really liked the feeling to walk on the floor.

In the museum there are also many computers which project maps of the city of Ghent and other events that took place in the city.

There are projectors that project images of buildings or events on the glass.

There are monitors explaining the history of the city of Ghent with pictures and texts.

In one of the rooms there are phones that are translators. They translate the part of the history that is represented in this room into four languages.

There are televisions in which you can watch videos with old pictures of the city of Ghent with music. These videos show the demolitions and reforms that the city has undergoned.

There are also touch screens in which you can create your own movie with pictures of the city.

For me, the most interesting application were the televisions in which I could see the evolution of the city. I liked the videos. I was a lot of time watching the videos. Other application that I found very interesting was the projection of the city on the floor. I liked it. With this projection I could see that the city is bigger than I thought.

*If you wanted to visit this museum with children, what pro´s and cons do you encounter?

This museum is for everyone who wants to get to know the history of Ghent.

For children this museum is very interesting because it offers them the opportunity to know the history of the city.

For children who are studying the history of this city, this museum can help them to understand all the events that took place here.

The different applications and uses of multimedia can make the visit more amusing for them. They can watch videos and old pictures of the city. They can see objects and instruments very old.

A problem that I found in this museum was that the most of the texts were in Dutch. But, on the other hand, you can also understand the history without read all the texts.

I think this museum is interesting to visit with children when they begin to study history. A problem may be that children get bored seeing the museum. To avoid this teachers have to motivate them before the visit.

In the museum there are a lot of objects, pictures, instruments and applications. Children tend to touch everything. For this reason teachers would have to be very aware of them.

With this museum children can know the history of the city of Ghent and they can also know the city of tomorrow.

*Give your own opinion about the museum and describe your favourite objects or activities.

I liked this museum. I liked the building and the garden. It´s very beautiful.

The visit to this museum was very useful for me. I could know all the history of Ghent. I knew some things and events but with this visit I could know a lot of new things.

I loved the videos about the history. I could see all the demolitions and reforms that the city has undergoned. I could see the changes of the city.

I really liked the floor with the projection of the city and the touch screen in which I could create my own movie with pictures.

I liked all the objects because I had never seen the most of them. I really liked the objects related to women such as handbags, wallets or clothes. I also liked the pictures.

The visit to this museum was very interesting. If you want to know the history of Ghent, you should visit it!


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My visit to “Brugge”

The last 25th of March I visited “Brugge” with my sister and some friends. I loved this city. It´s very beautiful.

I visited the potato´s museum. At the end of the visit we could eat French fries. The potatoes were delicious.

We also visited the chocolate´s museum. In this museum I could eat delicious chocolate. I love the chocolate!

I could see beautiful places in the city. We got on a boat and we walked through one of the canals. I loved it. Brugge is a city of tale.

I also visited a lot of shops. I bought a lot of chocolate for my family and my friends.

I had a good time. I love the city. I have visited this city one more time after this day. Brugge is a beautiful city. You should go to this city!

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My visit to Brussels

The last 24th of March I visited Brussels. I´m studying in Ghent and in this date my sister and some friends came to visit me. One of the days they stayed in Belgium we visited Brussels. I took the train from Ghent to Brussels.

We visited a lot of famous places and monuments.

The first thing we visited was the Atomium. I liked it. I went up to the top. From the top are beautiful views. I also visited some cathedrals. We visited the Main Square. There were a lot of people there. We had lunch sitting on the floor. I loved this. I felt like a real Belgian person. I saw the “Manneken Pis”. There were a lot of people around it. I also visited the European Parliament. Of course, we also visited many shops.

I had a great day in Brussels. I really liked the city and I had a good time with my sister and my friends.

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Stop motion

In another lesson I have attended I learnt to do a stop motion. We worked in groups. Each group had to invent a story. My group chose a boy and a girl who were in love.

We had to take pictures of every movement of the story. Then, we used the Movie Maker program to create the story. With this program we joined all the photos and we also added music and tittles.

I had alreay used this program so I knew its operation. I loved this lesson. It was very interesting and funny. I learnt to do a stop motion and I liked it.


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Digital whiteboard

In one of the lessons I have attended I learnt several things about digital whiteboards. I had already heard something about this type of blackboard before. Last year there was a lecture on digital whiteboards at my university in Spain.

Interactive digital whiteboard is a technological system, usually consists of a computer, a projector and a cursor control advice, which allows the projection on an interactive surface of digital contents. You can interact directly on the projection surface.

In this lesson I learnt to create activities for children which can be made by them using the digital whiteboard. I learnt to control the computer through the surface of the digital whiteboard using a finger or a pen. In this lesson I also learnt the elements that make up a digital whiteboard and its operation.

I knew some of the benefits of the use of digital whiteboards with pupils. In this lesson I could know some more. Digital whiteboard encourages flexibility and spontaneity of teachers because they can make notes directly on web resources using different colored markers. The interactive whiteboard is a resource that is attractive for teachers to use new teaching strategies and more intensive use of ICT, encouraging the profesional development. Moreover, the teacher can prepare more attractive and documented lessons. The material that he creates can be adapted and reused every year. The interactive whiteboard increases pupils´motivation.

I think the interacitve whiteboards are a resource that teachers should use because it has many advantages.  This lesson was very interesting. I enjoyed doing my task and I also enjoyed seeing the tasks of my classmates. I liked this lesson.

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My first impressions about Ghent

I´m studying to be teacher. Last year I decided to go to study abroad for a few months. I had to do a test to check my level of English. When I got the results of this test I had to choose among several destinations. Finally, I chose Ghent. Two of my classmates also chose this destination.

A few months before coming to Ghent we were looking for a flat or an apartment through Internet. It was impossible. We didn´t find anything.

I came to Ghent on the 1st of March. I came with my two friends. We stayed for a few days in a hotel. During those days we were looking for an apartment but we didn´t find anything. Finally, we went to live to a residence.

My first impressions about Ghent were good. The city is very beautiful and I like it. The early days I didn´t like the smell of food. Moreover, the times were different for me. People eat earlier and bars and shops close very early. This was a little strange for me.

My first days in Ghent were very hard. I was in a hotel. I didn´t find any place to live. I was separated from my family. I had never traveled to a foreign country for so long time. I missed my family, my boyfriend and my friends. Everything was new for me.

Despite all this, my impressions of Ghent were good. My only negative opinion is the difficulty of renting an apartment here. In Spain this is different. This is easier.

Now, I have already become accustomed to live in Ghent. I have met many people and I have visited a lot of new places. I love the city but I really miss Spain.

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Hello world!

I´m Laura Martínez. I´m 20 years old.

Welcome to my Weblog!

I have made this weblog for a subject called Contemporary ICT, internet, multimedia and e-learning.

This year I´m studying in Ghent. In this weblog I´m going to publish different homeworks about this subject.

I hope you like it and you learn new things related to this subject and my country, Spain 🙂

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